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Godzilla vs Gigan: Godzilla on Monster Island Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$14.98$13.485/6/2014
Battle Royale Complete BoxSet Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$39.95$33.963/20/2012
Godzilla Live Action BLU-RAY$39.99$35.991/24/2012
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.98$23.9810/19/2010
Alien vs Ninja Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.99$23.992/22/2011
Crows Zero Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$19.99$15.993/27/2012
Riki-Oh The Story of Riki Live ActionMultiBLU-RAY$24.95$19.969/27/2011
Kill 'Em All Live ActionDubBLU-RAY$29.98$25.4812/11/2012
Shogun Assassin 30th Aniinversay Collectors Edition Live ActionDubBLU-RAY$24.95$19.968/24/2010
Death Kappa DVD/BLURAY Combo Pack Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$24.95$19.967/27/2010
Raid 02 Live Action BLU-RAY$26.98$21.589/15/2014
Ju-On: White Ghost / Black Ghost Live ActionSubBLU-RAY$26.98$21.585/15/2011
Heroes Two Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$24.98$22.486/29/2010
Ichi The Killer Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.99$23.993/10/2010
Godzilla vs. Megalon Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.95$23.9611/19/2011
Badges of Fury Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.98$26.981/7/2014
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$19.98$15.98 
Godzilla Double Fateure vs. King Ghidorah/vs. Mothra Live Action BLU-RAY$19.99$17.995/6/2014
Godzilla vs the Sea Monster/ Ebirah - Horror of the Deep Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$14.98$13.485/6/2014
Ichi BoxSet Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$34.98$27.9812/22/2009
Sorcerer and The White Snake, The Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$29.98$23.984/9/2013
Oldboy 10th Anniversary Edition Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$34.99$31.4910/8/2013
36th Chamber of Shaolin, The Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$26.98$21.583/2/2010
Assault Girls Live ActionEngBLU-RAY$29.98$23.9810/8/2010
Godzilla 2000 Live Action BLU-RAY$19.99$17.999/15/2014
I Saw The Devil Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$19.98$15.985/20/2011
Man From Nowhere, The Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$26.98$21.583/8/2011
Five Element Ninjas Live ActionBiBLU-RAY$19.99$15.993/13/2012
Gamera Collection 01 Live Action BLU-RAY$19.99$17.994/29/2014
Kite Live ActionDubBLU-RAY$30.99$26.3412/2/2014

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