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Dirty Pair OVA Collection BiDVD$34.99$27.991/3/2012
Dragon Ball Z Movie 10-13 (Broly: Second Coming, Bio-Broly, Fusion Reborn, Wrath of the Dragon) BoxSetBiDVD$29.98$23.981/3/2012
X TV Series Complete Anime ClassicsBiDVD$39.98$31.981/3/2012
And Yet The Town Moves Complete BoxSetSubDVD$49.98$39.981/3/2012
Akikan! Complete BoxSetSubDVD$49.98$39.981/10/2012
World God Only Knows, The Complete BoxSetBiDVD$59.98$47.981/14/2012
Princess Resurrection Complete BoxSetBiDVD$69.98$55.981/17/2012
First Squad: The Moment of Truth BiDVD$24.95$19.961/17/2012
Nabari No Ou Complete S.A.V.E. EditionBiDVD$29.98$23.981/17/2012
Kaze No Stigma Season 01 Complete S.A.V.E. EditionBiDVD$29.98$23.981/17/2012
Star Driver Part 02 SubDVD$39.98$31.981/17/2012
Our Home's Fox Deity Set 02 SubDVD$39.98$31.981/24/2012
Tenchi Muyo GXP Complete S.A.V.E. EditionBiDVD$29.98$23.981/24/2012
Our Home's Fox Deity Set 01 SubDVD$39.98$31.981/24/2012
Pandora Hearts Set 01 BoxSetSubDVD$44.98$40.481/24/2012
Naruto: Shippuden Collection 09 BoxSetBiDVD$49.95$39.961/24/2012
Redline BiDVD$24.95$19.961/27/2012
Yamada's First Time: B Gata H Kei Complete BoxSetBiBLU-RAY & DVD$64.98$51.981/31/2012
Yamada's First Time: B Gata H Kei Complete Limited Edition BoxSetBiBLU-RAY & DVD$69.98$55.981/31/2012
One Piece Collection 04 (Eps 79-103)BiDVD$34.98$27.981/31/2012
Tales of the Abyss Part 04 SubDVD$29.98$23.982/7/2012
Xam'd Complete BoxSetBiDVD$79.98$63.982/7/2012
Gasaraki BoxSetBiDVD$49.99$39.992/7/2012
Tales of the Abyss Part 03 SubDVD$29.98$23.982/7/2012
.hack//Quantum OVA Complete BiBLU-RAY & DVD$29.98$23.982/14/2012
Hell Girl Season Three: Three Vessels Complete BoxSetSubDVD$69.98$55.982/14/2012
Madoka Magica, Puella Magi 01 BiDVD$39.49$31.592/14/2012
Broken Blade Complete BoxSetBiDVD$59.98$47.982/21/2012
A-Channel Complete BoxSetSubDVD$49.98$39.982/28/2012
KimiKiss: Pure Rouge Complete BoxSetSubDVD$69.98$55.983/6/2012

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